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» Complete Fishing Lure Kits

Ultimate Kits   $30.00
• 324 Fishing Lure Variations
• All Premium Wire Forms
• Spinnerbaits & Buzzbaits
Custom Kits   $25.00 - $35.00
• Create 432 Lure Variations
• Customize All Lure Components
• Fisherman's Freedom Of Choice

» Spinnerbait Fishing Lure Kits

Standard Kit   $10.00
• 81 Spinnerbait Variations
• Single Bladed Wire Forms
• Brass And Nickel Blades
Premium Kit   $20.00
• 81 Fishing Lure Variations
• Double Bladed Wire Forms
• Maximum Vibration And Flash

» Buzzbait Fishing Lure Kits

Standard Kit   $10.00
• 81 Buzzbait Variations
• Inline & R-Bend Wire Forms
• Eagle Claw Needle Point Hooks
Premium Kit   $20.00
• 81 Fishing Lure Variations
• Counter Rotating Blade Combos
• Premium Skirts With Trailers
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Revolution Lures Bass Fishing Kits
Anglers across the world are in need of innovative bass fishing lures. However, the leading spinnerbaits and buzzbaits are currently sold in order to limit bass anglers, costing more money throughout the fishing season. With over 5 years of extensive research and development we have perfected our interchangeable lure system. The Interchangeable helps you become a better angler and provides a multitude of options for different fishing conditions. Increase the variety in your fishing tackle arsenal without breaking the bank. The Interchangeable has not re-invented the wheel, but rather inter-changed the way it's put together.

Spinnerbaits and Buzzbaits have been dominating the bass fishing industry for years. These popular bass fishing lures enable you to cover a lot of water quickly and locate more bass more often. There is a time and place for different blade combinations, weights, skirt patterns and head colors. With ever-changing weather, fishing structure, water temperature and spawning activity, bass anglers have their hands full when choosing the right lure to fish. It is very costly and inefficient to maintain an arsenal of lures. Anglers are constantly retying new lures that may never catch bass and wasting their time out on the water. The Interchangeable Spinnerbait and Buzzbait Kits allow you to quickly and easily switch to the right lure at the right time. Interchange 81 variations of spinnerbaits or buzzbaits with any standard kit. There are 27 variations that can be assembled in any standard kit without retying! Be versatile on the water and get more fishing action for your dollar.
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Eric Coicher of Ultimate Catch Television Show. Orlando Florida Strain Bass Fishing Action.
Raw Video of The Interchangeable Fire Tiger Buzzbait Clacker Catching a Largemouth Bass.
Learn More About The Power of The Interchangeable Made In The USA By Revolution Lures.
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